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Here is a list of basic packing supplies. Other, more item specific materials may be required for your pack.

Clear packing tape – Duct tape, masking tape, painter’s tape, etc. ARE NOT the proper tapes for packing boxes.

Moving quality boxes – Usually clean high grade boxes that range in sizes.

Dish Packs – Boxes specifically designed for protection of dishes and kitchenware.

Universal TV Boxes (up to 65″) – Fits most modern flat-panel TVs.

Wardrobe Boxes – Boxes specifically designed to hang clothing on a metal bar attached to the box. These come in various sizes.

Wrapping paper – Basically newspaper without the print; so, newspaper works too.

Packing Peanuts – Styrofoam nuggets used to pack very fragile items.

Bubble Wrap – Various sizes of “bubble” maybe be needed for your pack.

Permanent Markers – Used to prominently display contents of box on top of box.

Tape Gun – Used to conveniently dispense tape from the roll.

Mattress Bags – Large single ply plastic bags used to protect against dust and dirt.

Box Knife – Used to alter and create custom boxes or pieces of cardboard.